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The Alexander Technique Elective Course at NMH

The Norwegian Academy of Music has now been running an elective course in the AT for some nine years. The course has evolved from 45 participating students, divided into three parallel classes, working exclusively in a group setting, to its present form, where 30 selected students receive both group teaching, and where a major emphasis is placed on developing observational skills, as well as a series of individual lessons running from September through March of the following year.


Students typically work with their instruments during lessons and learn to relate processes of instrument practice with the principles of the AT.

The Course has proved very popular indeed. Here is a link to the Elective course page at NMH.

Stephen holds a permanent position at the Academy and teaches students and professors there, in addition to the elective course each year. Teaching tends to be based on the Collaborative Teaching Model developed over the last five years, which involves individual lessons and group teaching with the instrument professor.

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