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General Articles

The Golfer (A key chapter from F. M. Alexander's

Use of the Self):

Articles for Musicians

Introductory article on the AT (in Swedish):

A short essay written by violinist Ophelia Kamkar

Inspiration and Practicality:
Lorna McGhee, (Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra)

Music Making:


Gabriella Brandes

Alexander and Voice:


Alexander Farkas


Performing with Ease (1-4):

Rob Falvo





Articles Related to Medical Subjects

Article From British Medical Journal 2008:

A Randomised Controlled Study on Lower Back Pain

What Health Professionals Say:

Endorsement quotes from various medical practitioners


Neck-Pain: ATLAS Randomised, Controlled Trial:

European Journal of Integrative Medicine

Fear of Falling: Research Paper:

European Journal of Integrative Medicine

Newspaper Articles (in Norwegian)

Bergens Tidende 2002:

An Interview with Stephen

University in Bergen AKA 2004:

An Interview with Stephen

Aftenposten 2008:

An Interview with Stephen and Øyvind Bjorå

where the results from the BMJ paper were


Nordhordaland Avis 1992:

An brief endorsement and description

of the usefulness of the Alexander Technique

written by physiotherapist Hans Atle Svenheim



Website Articles:

Lommelegen (in Norwegian)

F. M. Alexander and the 
Psycho-Physical Basis of Learning

What we take in from teachers and how well we can teach others depends on our psycho-physical state. 

Sun and Moon

Tommy Thompson explores what happens when you make changes in the primary source, (i.e., attentional recognition) versus making changes in what is reflected in the body (i.e. kinesthetic recognition).


Some recommendations:

Alcantara: Indirect Procedures

A sound introduction to the Technique, both for musicians and non-musicians alike.

Vineyard: How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live

Also a sound introduction to the Technique.

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